The expected unexpected


About 2 months ago I met Dr. Ruben Perczek and today we are co-creating the Positive Impact Movement.

Life brings unexpected gifts that we intuitively know are just meant to be!

Through Ruben, and his 7Roots of Potential™ framework, PiMov completes itself with the empowerment pillar. 

Before, I was wondering

  • How to reinforce all these beautiful beings to become sustainable Positive Impact Makers...?

  • How to support them with their inner evolution to continue growing and strengthen their positive impact?

I had so many questions…!

I continued my work with PiMov (in the pillars of connection, inspiration, support and collaboration), trusting that one day the HOW would show up... And so it did.

I feel beyond blessed. Life is so beautiful: It prepares you for what is to come. 

Just hang in there and know that everything comes when it has to come.

With love, JEM