Self-evolution, co-creation and PiMov - can I ask more?


This week, PiMov is starting an e-course - it’s not open to the public yet.

It’s a course about the 7 Roots of Potential™ framework given by Dr Ruben Perczek, co-creator of PiMov and beloved friend of mine.

Me too, I am a participant!

All participants are committed to self-evolve and co-create this course to make it available in 2020 for others to join!

This is not what excites me the most: It is the participants that enrich my heart!

Amazing socially-conscious change makers and members of the movement, who have come into my life as a gift;

Hearts that are fully open and committed to self-evolving and growing together.

Including Ruben, who is offering this to us through his heart and soul.

Love all over, from the inside out.

Open to become what we’re meant to become,

Committed to give to evolve together.

Trust all over, open to learn and teach,

Coming together to experience, grow and co-create for others to come.


With love, JEM