My experience as a non-fitting social entrepreneur


The other day, I was explaining to a friend how I came to work on the Positive Impact Movement and how YouTooday has lead me to it. He clarified, “Jeannette, youtooday has evolved into PiMov!”. I’ve never thought it that way, but it certainly feels right.

My experience as a non-fitting social entrepreneur with a project that has been evolving as I’ve been evolving, has lead me to understand that some of us are just a different kind of social entrepreneurs: We are socially-conscious change makers, a special breed of social entrepreneurs, who change themselves by creating their projects to change the world and activily participating in them by serving others.

We are socially-aware, consciously-awaken and creators!

I now understand what makes us so special. I now understand that not fitting in has actually been a blessing! 

We are amazingly unique by being who we are and by creating what we love. This Power of Being is what makes us so authentic and strong, so integral and respectful towards ourselves and others. 

We are in service to the world, and the world is in service to us. We grow and evolve together.

We come together to collaborate. We don’t like competing. 

We are here for you and me, and for the world to transform from the inside out, balancing the inside with the outside, and viceversa.

We are here to co-create and evolve together!

We are One. Together we are limitless.

With love, JEM