I am a socially-conscious change maker who’s dancing with others like me


Socially-conscious change makers are a “special breed” of social entrepreneurs. We are authentically ourselves and our projects are unique. In the last couple of months I’ve seen this concept reinforced, as I am evolving and integrating my being with my Power of Being and as I am “dancing” heart-to-heart with other socially-conscious change makers like me.

YouTooday is my social business which has been evolving from the beginning in line with my own evolution. I defined it resiliently based on the social needs I saw around me, which I wanted to tackle through my own involvement of servicing others. Its business model has been adapted many times to fit this purpose. I just wasn’t able to keep it written in stone throughout its existence until the day when I started with the Positive Impact Movement (PiMov.org).

YouTooday has been the tool to understand the issues we socially-conscious change makers face when creating our Positive Impact projects.

Throughout the development of YouTooday, I’ve become aware of the difficulties that we, socially-conscious change makers, have when trying to adapt to social entrepreneurship. I thought it related only to me not fitting in, since for me the most important thing behind a project is the person: We create based on who we are. Hence, I did not feel confortable when only being asked about the project; its business model and its How. What about the entrepreneur behind it? What about his values, beliefs and vision?

I felt alone many times, not getting the support I was needing and longing for. I just found it through my friends or fellow entrepreneurs with similar value and belief system, who were change makers like me with projects that were directly related to them. They became my only support system. I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else.

I’ve created the Positive Impact Movement to empower socially-conscious change makers through connection, inspiration, support and collaboration, because we are not alone.

We socially-conscious change makers have come socially aware of the need that there is around us. We face this need through our own change: we generate ideas and create projects that serve others through our own being. We start by ourselves to positively transform the world, we do not wait for others to do what we can do right away through our being and doing.

This quest is tightly aligned to our spiritual evolution and the love towards ourselves. We are beings who in a moment of time have been consciousness awaken. We continuously develop our spirituality and learn to value and empower ourselves to continue with our growth and development, as well as that of our project. Reciprocally, we learn through the evolution of our projects, from the teachings and observations that our life experiences bring us. We work from the inside to the outside, and not viceversa.

We are creators. We create ideas and projects aligned to our Power of Being - freedom to be who we are and create what we love. At some moment in time we discover our purpose. Our belief system and values are reinforced as we evolve and as the love towards ourselves increases. We become integral human-beings, creating through our values and belief systems, respecting others as we respect ourselves.


I am co-creating with others like me

As I continue my quest with the Positive Impact Movement, I continue learning about who I am, slowly and trustfully evolving and growing towards who I am to become, and as such, also what the movement is to become. Today, I am dancing with the music, which is changing moment to moment for me to adapt to continue dancing with other socially-conscious change makers like me. We together co-create the movement (the dance), by being who we are and creating what we love.

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless