Just joined the CAPTIVATE program to improve storytelling!

I've enlisted into the CAPTIVATE program of Change Creator, co-founded by Adam Force. Here's my intro video 😅 with why I've joined the program, who I am and what I do.

I know, it’ll be a challenging time to manage to get the course done and create the storytelling for the Positive Impact Movement! But I trust all will come out smoothly and as it has to.

I will learn from this experience, I will naturally be able to tell stories and not worrying about the outcome. All is a process and I am in the middle of one, no doubt about this.

The best of all is that I am enjoying it. Who would have thought so?! The scariness of the challenge makes me feel alive! Something deep inside me knows all will be ok. At the end, what’s going to happen if I tell the story of the movement? It has to start somewhere, don’t you think?