New Community Platform for PiMov!


I am extremely excited that PiMov has a new community platform!

It is a place where we all can meet from anywhere anytime.It is a place where we together can create the Positive Impact we need in this world by connecting, empowering and inspiring each other, by sharing information and experiences, by being mentored or mentor others, by having the freedom to be ourselves and share our dreams, vision and beliefs with like-minded others.

Join me and my team now for free to build with us this amazing Positive Impact Making force!

I’ve felt alone many times in my quest to develop my social business. However, along the way, I’ve found amazing people, who empowered me and who shared my passion, my beliefs and values. I discovered that I am not alone, that there are many others like me! We just need to come together, connect, inspire and empower ourselves, because together we are limitless!

Join me to build this powerful movement!With all my love, JEM