My love for myself


My love for myself began flourishing when I started looking into my inner world,

I did not know myself, I was a total stranger to myself.

When I started looking inside, that’s when I decided to love myself above all.

I decided that this would be a relationship that would last forever.

I discovered that this is the greatest relationship we can have in life:

No one else will love us as we do.

No one else will know us as much as we do.

No one else will trust us as much as we trust ourselves.

No one else will respect us as we respect ourselves.

I’ve never felt alone again.

I’ve never felt I would need to get approval from anybody again.

I’ve lived for myself, with my decisions and my consequences.

I’ve felt the freedom to be who I am.

These are amazingly powerful feelings that keep me walking day and night towards what I have to become.

Looking into your inner world makes wonders, no one has the ability to do so other than you.

You are the only one that can unleash your Power of Being, and when you do so, you expand it all around you.

You become your Self, and this is amazingly beautiful.

Start looking inside to get astonishingly surprised of the wonders you’ll find within,

Love yourself above all, forever.