Beautifully Me


It is beautifully me who connects with you

Have you heard the birds singing?

Have you felt the light from the sun on your face?

Have you felt yourself in fusion with what surrounds you being one and all with everything?

It is me, who wants to enter your soul.

It is me, who wants to awaken you from your long dream

It is me, who wants you to look insideIt is me, who wants you to become who you are.

Stay connected, stay here within you.

Look inside and feel my presence.

I am here to awaken you.

I am here to tell you how beautiful and powerful you are.

Give me the opportunity to show you a glimpse of what you are to become.

Let me come in and let me expand your Power of Being outwards.

This is me who is You, powerful being full of light and love.

One with the universe.

One with all.