My purpose


I was not aware of my purpose until I started working in what I loved.

I was getting aligned to my Power of Being and I did not know it at that time.

I felt the need to work on a project that would give me the possibility to empower others through my being.

I wanted to share the love I was holding back through my work.

I wanted to be free to be who I am and to create with love.

My inner world and my experiences drove me towards the understanding that to create with love, you have to find your Self.

I stumbled with my Power of Being, I did not search for it.

I discovered the need to become one with my dreams and vision.I started evolving toward what I came to Be today.

Not even half the path I will have to wander to become what I came to Be.

My purpose bloomed one day when I was aligned to my Self.

I understood through my being that it was meant to be,

I just did not know how to accomplish it.

Nevertheless, the how is being unfolded as I go along.

What I see today, won’t be the tomorrow.

My vision is short for what it is meant to be.

I keep connected to my Power of Being to receive the answers when the time is correct.

I’ve learned that it won’t be before and not later:

All unfolds when it has to be unfolded.