Who You are to Become


We each have our dreams, our vision of the world that we we want, and how we want to live this life. We are unique; we are defined by our experiences and everything we bring along from who we are and who we were. We are a blend of lifetimes and ancestors. We are a mix of experiences that define how we see the world today and what we want to become. I don’t mean expectations, I mean becoming who we are meant to be. I believe that this goes aligned to our purpose, and our purpose is aligned to what we love to create.

Our purpose might not be clear yet, but we basically know what we love to do, what empowers us, what makes us vibrate, don’t we? Sure, everything has its process, but in a certain point of time, through our experience we stumble upon what makes us passionate. Passion and our intro-perception lead us to our purpose, and through it, we start shaping what we are meant to become.

For me it’s important that every human-being finds him/herself. In my case, it took me many years to find myself, to know what I liked and what made me passionate. It took me years to grasp my Power of Being. I was living for others, from the outside to the inside. My life showed me the importance of exploring and understanding my inner world to then expand it outwards. Through it, I’ve encountered my purpose. Through it, I am positively impacting with who I am: authentically me.

Once you have become yourself and have discovered your purpose, there’s no way back. It becomes your priority: You know that you have come to make it happen. However, how it’ll happen is not to be worried upon, because the way you see it now, is not the way it’ll be. From here to there, you’ll have expanded thousands and even more times into a reality that you cannot even imagine today. So, relax, and start honouring yourself for who you are now, begin working on what you love, step by step. Align to your soul, take the time to grow, it’ll provide you with new opportunities and a vision you’ve never had envisioned before.

Trust into your Power of Being - the freedom to be who you are and create what you love - to become who you are meant to be. Maintain your course towards your purpose and let your life guide you into who you are to become.