Am I a social entrepreneur?


I do not consider myself a social entrepreneur, but as someone that is following my Why.

However, as it happens to be, my Why relates to society and our world.

As I've observed, the majority of us following our Why somehow link ourselves into activities improving people's life or that of our planet.

We have come consciously aware of the need that there is around us.

When we find our Why, we immediately shift our priority to it.

Our project starts forming when we start changing our own attitude and patterns to improve what we want to change.

We revisit our value system and become highly alert in maintaining the integrity of what we do.

Without noticing it, we start fusioning ourselves with what is our project.

We struggle in finding support, because we and our projects fall outside the line of conventionality.

We feel alone, because we think that there's no one else around us with the same passion and believe system.We know that our project will positively impact, because it is based on our own change.

We know that we will risk anything to convert it into a success, because it is directly related to our own survival.

Our projects are our Whys.

They are impregnated with our own power of being.

We go beyond social entrepreneurship.

We are socially-conscious entrepreneurs.