My new vision


I felt a bit lost these days, knowing that I had to take a step back to pause what I was creating.

My trip to India gave me quite some insights, which have taken me a while to settle down.

I wrote my first impressions about my trip, but I know that there is much more behind it.

For me, it has been a milestone in my life; a reset process. Not because of travelling alone, but because it is changing my vision.

Falling sick last week has allowed me to get rid of some of the old ways of seeing and doing things.

I've also learned through evaluating myself, that I've been having fears that I did not know that I had.

Fears that were blocking the creation of my next steps.

I'll continue adjusting my vision. 

Maybe it'll take me a bit more time to do so. 

I remain calm and trustful that the outcome will be the best version of myself at this point of time.