Following my Why...


How many times did I feel alone when following my Why?

I wouldn't know the times...I started following my purpose with an urge to take action in transforming the planet by creating an universal movement of positive impact making through the empowerment of people and collaboration. But I did not know where to start...

What I knew was that there were already many doing social good. They already had their charities, foundations, social enterprises, personal initiatives, etc.

Who would I be to create another one?

So, I decided to support them by empowering their actions and give them visibility. That's when YouTooday was born.I always had a certain understanding of my Why.

I've been trying to get YouTooday to be the project that would comply with it. But what I finally found out was, that YouTooday has been the tool for me to experience what I need to know to better understand my purpose and define my work behind it. YouTooday has given me the input of what we go through when we start creating a project that is based on our purpose.

From the beginning, YouTooday went against the established conventional parameters.

How should it be limited to a geographic area when I am a global person?

Why can't I get support for what I am creating with such a passion?

Why is it so difficult to get financing for a social impact project?

Why are communities and investors looking into the project alone, when we, its creators, are the most important success factor?

From a personal point of view, I started seeing that my project was evolving as I did.

Personal empowerment was incredibly important for its development. As I continued evolving, it got stronger, too. My values and integrity were reinforcing me and the project. I did defend and support it as it would be a part of my soul.I started encountering people like me.

I understood that I am not alone.

I saw that we all had specific features that are in common, starting from the fact that we all began the transformation we would like to see by changing ourselves first.

That’s when PiMov was born.

Today, I am incredibly thankful for all I’ve learned and grown.

I know that I am not even in the mids of my evolution, and as such, I am looking forward for what’s to come and for the people I will meet in my path.I know that we all have an inmense power of being.

Just hang in there and believe in who you are and in your dreams.

Follow your heart and work with passion.

Trust and flow, because you can and you are not alone!