Empowerment, mentoring & collaboration


As a child I felt the need to become a mom.

I guess I did not know how to explain what I was going to be doing in my life.

I imagine that it related to the fact that I love to care about others in potentiating their skills, complying with their expectations and empowering them in what they like to do and what makes them feel best.

Some years ago I told to myself that since I did not have any children yet, it was because I would care and spread my love in a different and in equal loving way. That affirmation gave me a sense of relief and peace. It changed the way I looked into my future.

I started trusting in what I was to become.

I knew that this affirmation was related to my purpose. At that point of time, I already was in the process of alignment of myself into my Why....I never tried to change this way of interacting with others, because I always felt that this was part of who I am.

At work I was told by a boss of mine to ‘mother’ less the people I worked with, especially my team. But for me, this was not mothering, it was mentoring and empowering by clearly communicating about positive and negative attitudes and feedbacks, as well as by listening to them, to their needs, expectations and concerns. In my opinion, this is vital when leading a team. If they grow, we all grow together.

Anything we do, is defined by the sum of each of us.

My team is an extension of who I am and what I believe in. When you are aligned to your self, you attract people like you.

I am deeply thankful for them and what we are creating together.

Through them and the people that surround me, I am fulfilling who I am, reinforcing the importance of empowerment, mentoring and collaboration in all what I do.