Swimming against the current


It’s quite difficult to swim against the current.

Sometimes you are not fast enough and you are being pushed back.

You might let go for a moment, but then, you retake the strength and necessary breath to start swimming again against the current.

You know, that with the necessary leg and arm work and breathing, you’ll manage to be faster than the current.

You’ll feel the water passing along your body and you’ll continue swimming with all your strength, because you know that you will get to the shore one way or another.

That’s what I have felt when developing a social impact project based on my Why.

We, who are socially conscious difference makers, have projects that are driven by our passion and dreams.

We risk anything to make it happen.

We are courageous and resilient, because what we do is who we are.

No one can tell us otherwise.

Knowing our Why gives us the positive impact mindset, the optimism, patience and the understanding that no one will manage to drown us in adverse waters.

We are Positive Impact Mindsetters who continue swimming and breathing with our positive spirit to get to the shore and become Positive Impact Makers.

We want to be successful like them, having social impact projects that are sustainable and hence,are capable to positively impact society and the planet through their successful business models.