What we do is the outcome of who we are


Our projects evolve as we evolve: what we do is the outcome of who we are. 

I had been trying to give birth to an idea that could have a positive impact on people and our society and environment. I felt the need to create an universal movement to generate this positive change, but did not know where and how to start.I kept searching for my project based on my truth and my purpose. I've been travelling on my path, from my inner world to the outer world, defining it in different ways to fit my truth and the positive impact I wanted for this world.

Along the way, I assisted to conferences, start-up networking events, I looked into applying to accelerators, fellowship programs, investment pitches but nothing fit what I was searching for. I needed mentoring and empowerment for what I am: a global person creating a positive impact project through my beliefs, my values and my passion.All I found was related to the project itself, none related to the person behind the project.

After some time, I understood that there was no need to continue searching. I understood that my project was different and that it was evolving as I was. That's when I found the PiMov.org: the People-Inspiration movement.I now understand that it is up to me to build this inspiration and empowerment network. It is up to me to spread this philosophy of live to the world and to gather #PiMakers together to


 people's passion and purpose.We together reinforce their Positive Impact mindset, 


 them with like-minded others, 


 them to get socially involved, show them the power of leadership with values, collaboration and co-creation to improve their Positive Impact; 

what they do is the outcome of who they are

Together we are limitless!