We all can be #PiMakers


Looking back into my life, I've come to see that my personal life, career and projects always turn around caring and empowering people.For me, the most important thing in the work I do are the people.

I take a consultancy job and there I am: caring about the team and the client.

I create my social business and its movement, and there I am: I am creating them with the person as the center point of all what we do.

At the end, this world is made of people.

What else should we care about? (besides our lovely planet!)

Since the start, YouTooday had been created with the person in mind. There it was, a global community to empower individuals to do social good. And yes, It did not work: I was like an ant in a wide field trying to get noticed.

I persisted and re-created YouTooday into reinforcing visibility of the people behind the small and medium NGOs. And yes, it was still missing something... Maybe a target that is able to pay for the professional services?

Now growing and expanding, I know that failures are great teachers and they make you stronger and stronger. They are milestones in the alignment of your project to what you are: our projects evolve as we evolve. No doubt about that

.Throughout the development of YouTooday, I've come to meet certain people with certain characteristics. People who live with passion because, as I believe, they have found their truth.

They are loyal to themselves and as such, they risk what it takes to defend what they do and are. They are ethical with entrenched positive values, which they express with passion through each one of their pores. I call these people Positive Impact Makers - abbreviated: #PiMakers.

Changemakers are not necessarily #PiMakers, because even if changemakers have a positive impact project, they not necessarily live by their truth and purpose. #PiMakers have an intrinsic way of being, they have a special mindset and a consciousness that makes them be who they are and stay loyal to what they are and do in all aspects of their lives.

Being a #PiMaker can be empowered, can be inspired, but it cannot be taught. Even if there are some characteristics that can be learned and applied by the person, being a #PiMaker is a state of being that has to be "clicked" by the person itself through its evolution. That does not mean that we cannot be #PiMakers. The good news is that we all can!

Inspiration and examples are key to understand what a #PiMaker is and to encourage people to long for it. Empowerment and mentorship for those seeking to be aligned to what they are is important to support them in their quest of being a #PiMaker.

We all should thrive to be #PiMakers for the sake of ourselves and our planet. A world where we all know our truth, where we all live with passion by who we are and do, where we are free to express, communicate and share. A world where we all honour and look into ourselves and the ones we have around, where there is love, compassion and respect towards ourselves and our community.

A world of people who honour the planet and positively impact it day by day...This is my vision.

This is what I long for all of us.

This is what I am working on, this is what I am and what I do.

This is my purpose and my passion.

With all my love,Jem