Together we are limitless


I am very excited for the things that are coming around the corner!I am happy to announce that we will formally launch the Positive Impact Movement - - next October 11th, here in Barcelona.

We are in preparations, but I keep envisioning and feeling this tremendous force of positive impact making that collaboration, learning and giving, generates. I know that it is only matter of time, and that all happens when it has to happen. So, I keep calm and trusting, and continue working on this movement, because it is part of who I am.In less than a month I am heading up to India. I have still lots to prepare and plan, but I am really looking forward. I know that this trip will be life-changing, not only for the people I will meet and what I will discover in such a beautiful and colourful country, but also because of how this will impact me.

I know that this will turn out to be a big shift in my learning and growing. I am trusting, flowing and letting go. Life is always so tremendously giving of amazing opportunities to evolve and live.

I am just accepting these opportunities and flowing to bloom out of them as a flower gets water to grow and shine.In parallel, we are preparing some awesome projects that soon you'll be able to see on YouTooday! You'll love these, specially for its cuteness and originality ;)

YouTooday continues working in highlighting the people behind social good and social innovation and their values. For us, collaboration and values are key in increasing positive impact in all what we, human-beings, do.At YouTooday we want to emphasise the powerful force of collaboration and values through our soon-to-come campaigns and our movement. #togetherwearelimitlessI am looking forward for your reactions!

With love, JEM