Striving to be now who I want to be


The weather is super hot these days, best is to stay home and prepare a bit for my trip to India.

I am feeling very excited for the people I will be meeting, for the culture and country I will be discovering and for the #PiMakers I will encounter.I am confident that this journey will teach me many things about our world and human-beings.

I do not know that part of the world; I am open-hearted for it to become part of who I am.

Many years ago I learned to trust my inner voice. This trip takes place in a time that I believe is the right moment for it to happen. Hence, my calmness, my confidence, my openness for what is to come. I will rely on every moment to show me the next steps for me to follow and live.

I do not have a plan yet, I just land at New Delhi and meet a friend of mine there.

From there, I will see where India takes me.

I am confident that it'll show me what I have to see to grow in the human-being I want to be and to build the community that has to be.

I am striving to be now who I want to be to produce the change I want to see.

“You are a human, comma, being. You are a process. And you are, in any given ‘moment’, the product of your process”~ Neale Donald Walsh