The conscious shift toward oneness and multiplicity


I've grown and evolved tremendously in the past years; surely just a small piece of what I will evolve in my entire life.I've become a socially-conscious human-being, changing the world through my own change.

Understanding that if I don't evolve toward what I want for this world, I won't be able to change anything. My aim is to become who I came to be in this lifetime. I follow my intuition, I empower myself through spirituality and keep working on what I inherently believe is my purpose: to create a universal movement of Positive Impact Making.

Everyone of us is authentic, each of us has special skills and a personality that makes us unique. Whatever we love to do, we do it in our own way.

Many of us are currently awakening, getting consciously aware of the need to come together for the common goal of improving our planet's health. If you look around, there are many communicating this conscious shift; each one through their own unique wording and work.

I am one of them. I do it through PiMov, highlighting the importance of the Power of Being and that Together we are Limitless! Hence, authenticity and collaboration, oneness and multiplicity.I know that building the movement will take its time. However, I am and will persistently continue working on it by:

  1. Inspiring others and boosting my own Power of Being through my own work and those who inspire me,

  2. Collaborating with those who are aligned to my vision and belief system, reinforcing our individual projects and coming together to strengthen our Positive Impact,

  3. Supporting those who I can help through my being, my social enterprise and the movement to awaken and become future Positive Impact Makers, because in this world, we need to come together and work for the common goal of Positive Impact Making

Together we are limitless!