Purpose and vision


Sometimes I get lost with all I want to achieve

Luckily, all is part of the purpose and vision of my life

I am developing 2 different projects which are tightly linked to each other through me

Their ultimate purpose is to improve positive impact in this planet

Not only through who I am and what I do, but through the sum of each of us, socially-conscious human-beings

One provides visibility to those already working on social good and social innovationIt highlights what is being done to improve communities and our society through human creativity, commitment and love

Here, we’ve been working hard to launch 2 amazing projects - soon!

The other brings together socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs in one single placeIt is an umbrella that connects, empowers and inspires everybody

Like-minded people with socially-conscious ideas and projects aligned and focused toward one common goal

Respecting individuality and freedom, being powerful through who they are and limitless by getting together

An unstoppable force of positive impact making!

I believe in human-beings, we are beautifully and amazingly powerful

I know that we can make positive change happen, starting by ourselves first

Then, getting together, sharing and collaborating for the common good

Hence, YouTooday and PiMov.org:

I am learning through my own experience

Here I am, resilient through love and passion

Trustful through my experiences and what still is to come

And tremendously grateful for everybody and everything