Journey of Knowledge & Empowerment of Self


I've been told to share my ups and downs, to be inspiration to others in my adventure of living my truth: being who I am and do what I love.

It's quite some years since I started this path.

But it doesn't matter how long ago you started it, you always continue evolving in this journey of knowledge and empowerment of self.

I remember when I decided to let go and flow into a new path in my life.

I just left all behind to start over, trusting all was going to be ok and all was going to be as it needed to be. And so it was.

Then, the understanding that the work I do has to be an extension of who I am.

I started some years ago with YouTooday, and since then it has evolved as I have evolved. Hence, the importance for me to empower people to find themselves to create projects or work in places that are aligned to who they are.

I firmly believe that once you know who you are and what you want in life, you start creating and working in what you love.

Certainly, this has taken me some years to understand. My life experiences have been crucial for that. I had to understand that the freedom to be who you are and do what you love, relies in you and only you. This also leads to the understanding what respect and no-judgement really are.

We all have the freedom to live how we chose to live.

No-judgement should exist toward any other human-being when it is what it loves to be and when it does what it loves to do.

On the contrary, it deserves all our respect and serve as inspiration to all of us.

I am still learning and I hope to continue evolving.

I understand that no path is straight-forward and that there are stones and mountains to overcome.

But all is for my best, for my growth into fulfilment of what I am.