I am a human-beingist


I keep wondering why the world keeps differentiating who we are?

Aren't we all human-beings?

Isn't the important thing to be ourselves, share with others and respect, no matter your gender, your race or from where you are?If we talk about gender violence, isn't it violence itself?

If we talk about wage, doesn't it depend on the work you do, your experience and your capacity?

Isn't this differentiation going too far? I

f we talk about language, do we really need to change the wordings when we talk to a woman or to a man?

Do we really need to change the existing grammar to fit this in? 

It only aggravates the gaps! Aren't we all the same?

Doesn't the existing language already include us the women?

Yes, it does!

Women and men!

Just take a look and consider yourself part of all what it is, don't exclude yourself!Me too, I have suffered from some of the topics mentioned before, but I really do not believe that I have experienced these because I am a woman.

I believe that the main cause of these issues is the educational and cultural background from the people that are involved. If we want to change things, we must change the cause of the problem, and not accentuate the situation by creating wider gaps that generate further differentiation, and thus, violence and discrimination.

I am a human-beingist.

I believe and want to empower us the human-beings as a community that can live in harmony with respect, joy and peace.

We are all the same, and at the same time, each of us is so different in an amazing and beautiful way.

I don't differentiate, I am.