Freedom to Be


Sometimes we feel caged and yearn freedom to fully live our life. But we forget that it is us who have imprisoned ourselves and have limited who we are and what we do. 

We weave situations that complicate our existence. However, the simplicity of who we are remains intact. 

Our freedom is not lost; We have snatched it ourselves.

We usually don't want to see that the option to be is still there, because we believe that we will complicate our existence even more by acting and changing what we know is bothering us. However, reality is that when we cross those mountains that we see ahead of us fully packed with complications, the valley of possibilities opens up.

Life begins to gift us with opportunities we did not believe possible and existence becomes fun, fluid and full of moments that make us vibrate. You start doing what you feel, you share what you love, and you live what you are.

With freedom we act according to our own beliefs and values, and we end up living happily and in harmony with the rest of the world.

We love what we are and do, positively influencing those around us, in peace with our existence and with the actions we carry out in our day to day life.We all are capable of being free, do not let fear block you. It's not reality, it's your thoughts that show you those mountains of complications.

As you take the first step, you will realize that the mountain was only a small stone in your path.... you will look back and smile and start living your life!With love