Finally Africa


I have finally found the beautiful and deep Africa. I already knew South Africa but I felt that I needed to know even more, and finally, I am in the Ivory Coast.

These lands have welcomed me with strength. I landed just a few days ago, but since the first night I felt welcomed and embraced. In only 2 days Africa has shown me its beauty. Not only for its vegetation, but for its people. They are kind and respectful. People who speak to you with their hearts. Their fortune is the wealth of what they carry inside; they share it with you through their eyes and smiles

.I have been fortunate to visit communities in the north of the Ivory Coast. Communities and schools where children and mothers, teachers and directors, welcome you with that joy and enthusiasm that excites you from the inside. Where women organize to work to be able to study to learn to read and write in order to increase the possibilities of their families and to get to know the world beyond their homes and communities.

I have seen that the force and desire of life take you far and that the beauty of a person is immersed in your heart, no matter what language you speak or where you come from. The laughter and the sharing show you that we all come from the same world, a world full of wisdom where the people are everything and where all the hearts flourish to create a better world.