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These days I've been feeling dizzy, a beautiful dizziness of an open heart.

Africa has been a wonderful experience: it has pushed me back to my heart, to myself, to home.

It's quite difficult to explain, but I remember I first felt it many years ago, still being a teenager when I dismayed at a doctor's office. It brought me an amazing feeling I will never forget.

All happened within few seconds, but for me, time passed by very slowly being able to observe and feel all what was happening to me.I was at the doctor's office for a blood analysis. I saw the syringe with my blood and started feeling really sick. My stomach hurt so much! I felt I was fainting, and my body was really hurting until it suddenly stopped aching. I entered into a state of total relief, I remember thinking: what a relief! All was bright, the atmosphere was so extremely magnificent. I remember thinking: this must be heaven!

I felt such an intense love, I felt myself being part of what was surrounding me, my heart was glowing, I was in a complete ecstasy! Suddenly, I started feeling sick again, my stomach hurt so much! And I was back at the doctor's office...It was a long time ago, but I never forgot about this experience and the sensations that came along with it.

Last week I was being introduced to an old African lady, when I remembered these feelings. I looked her in the eyes and I sensed her completely, her immense heart and her entire soul. It hit me, I was so moved by the emotions she awoke in me. I cannot describe this amazing sensation, but I know our souls connected through our hearts. Since then, my heart opened up further and my believe in humanity just got stronger, bringing me back home to what I am.