A new beginning


I've felt like getting go, I've felt the need to mark an end.

I am not sure what's ending, but I know something is starting.

An end that is marking a new beginning.

I am here at this point in time.

Feeling hermit and needing to rebirth a new beginning.

But what is rebirthing?

I am not sure, but there is an imminent feeling something is starting.

Life is cyclic.

Life is generous.

Life is beautifully perfect.

My projects grow as I grow.

My projects evolve as I do.

Lots of love to give; Learning how to positively transform society.

The clue lies in who we are and what we do, limitless souls.

Transformation from humans who just live into beings of light and love;

Limitless powerful, each;

Giving and receiving;

Through authenticity and love.

Still wondering what's to come and how to create,

Waiting and trusting,

Feeling and being,

Loving above all,

For life will guide me into the new beginning.