Why is it so difficult to understand?


Please guide me through:Let me know my next steps,

Let me know how to listen to my intuition,

Let me know how to open up and find my way…I listen.

I am here and now.

How do I make myself heard?

How do I create a universal movement?

How do I mobilize people to connect?

Uniting through their beings, not changing or giving up anything.

Simple like that: growing through inspiration and love,

Respecting authenticity and freedom,

Coming together to strengthen for who they are and create.

I respect and love human-beings;

I want them to be authentic and expand with their Power of Being.

Each of them through their heart, their being, with what they bring along;

Their ideas, their projects, their movements, their tribes,…

Why is it so difficult to understand?

They are not alone:

Many have the same vision, passion and respect towards others,

Why not connect and get inspired and empowered?

Authenticity and freedom,

Creation through love.

Coming together to grow even stronger,

For who they are and are to become.

Love and light,

For many others to follow.

Awakening to who they are, self-empowerment and value for themselves.

Powerful human-beings, free to be who they are and create with love,

Changing through their own change.

Coming together to inspire and getting inspired,

To empower and getting empowered.

No competition, just inspiration, empowerment and collaboration.

Respect above all for authenticity and freedom.

Why is it so difficult to understand?