What makes a person a #PiMaker?


I am currently writing a thesis regarding the research question: What makes a person a Positive Impact Maker? 

Throughout the development of my social business YouTooday, I’ve come to meet certain people with certain characteristics. I call these peoplePositive Impact Makers –abbreviated: #PiMakers.

  • These are people who live with passion because, as I believe, they have found their truth.

  • Conscious human-beings who are loyal to themselves and as such, they risk what it takes to defend what they do and are.

  • They are ethical with entrenched positive values, which they express with passion through each one of their pores.

  • They are open-hearted and compassionate beings, directly involved in social and/or environmental issues that affect their surrounding and communities.

  • They are natural givers who openly and transparently share their knowledge for the well-being of others.

  • They love to co-create to together enforce positive changes for common goals and evolution of the whole.

Being a #PiMaker can be empowered, can be inspired, but it cannot be made because it is a state of being. Even if many of its features can be learned and applied by the person, being a #PiMaker involves a state of consciousness that the person itself has to have reached through its personal evolution.

However, anyone can become a #PiMaker:

  • Awakening by inspiration and examples is key to show what #PiMakers are capable of doing so that people are encouraged to long for it.

  • Empowerment and mentorship are important for their support in their quest of becoming #PiMakers.

I believe that #PiMakers are key to our future on Earth. That is why I am boosting the People-Inspiration Movement (pimov.org).

We live in challenging times: The current systems, economical, social, political, religious, etc that are in place are not working. The truth is that these are obsolete.

At personal level, these systems differentiate us more and more: few people in the world have the power and wealth over the rest of millions of the population in the world.

We all should thrive to be #PiMakers for the sake of ourselves and our planet. A world where we all know our truth, where we all live with passion by who we are and do, where we are free to express, communicate and share. A world where we all honor and look into ourselves and the ones we have around, where there is love, compassion and respect towards ourselves and our community. A world of people who honor the planet and positively impact it day by day.

I know that there is a long way to go, that I need time and money to make it happen. But I also know the power of being and the importance of believing and doing to make things happen! So, I continue within my path, adjusting and doing to create and expand this movement of #PiMakers!