The importance of observation


Lately I have had some travelling.

It has not been related to my passion: YouTooday and its PiMov. However, in all I do, I try to keep flowing and granting my possibility to 'be'.

I guess that some times, as people do not know you, there might be some misunderstandings in the things you say. I am a quite innocent person in the way that I always see the good in the people and I openly share what I love about them.

I won't change the way I am, because I love positiveness and I love being able to love. But it certainly brings misinterpretations as I experienced this week.

I shared my admiration towards someone that assumed I was mocking her. I was and am still not able to remember what I said and how, but I believe that dependent on how sensitive someone else might be in a certain point of time, people read you as they feel and sometimes you turn out to do what you did not.The next day, when confronted with what I had done (or not done), I deeply apologised for it.

I considered important to express my most sincere apologies because whatever I said or did, certainly generated a pain in someone else.This has been a quite tough experience for me. It completely de-centralised me.

I avoid confrontations and most certainly, hurting someone else. These days, I've been giving it a lot of thoughts and finally, I realised that this is part of my learning to 'be'.

'Being' and 'flowing' are actions that relate to 'observing', which is equally important.

Staying alert and keeping calm, in the here and now, prevents these misunderstandings to happen, because it avoids to over-expose yourself through actions that might be misinterpreted. And most certainly, you know very well what you are saying and doing in every moment in time!