My Purpose. My Vision.


The other day I came across a friend who I had not seen for some time... He asked me about PiMov - the Positive Impact Movement. His perception was that the movement is global, having different locations and people around the world. I loved and appreciate his insight.

PiMov certainly is global. My vision is for it to be in every corner of the world: We socially-conscious change makers are to be found anywhere in the world!

What are socially-conscious change makers?

We, socially conscious change makers, develop positive impact ideas and projects aligned to our authenticity, values and purpose. We have come consciously aware of the need that there is around us and we change the world by starting with ourselves. We are unique and authentically ourselves and so are our creations.

From time to time we withdraw ourselves from others to develop our ideas and projects. We get totally absorbed into our work and in the service we provide to others. We grow and exponentially expand through what we do, getting all the satisfaction we need to continue evolving.

But we sometimes feel alone…

We search for support in the current networks, but our values and vision of the world do not fit into them. We search for advocacy in the social entrepreneurship communities where we sometimes feel even more alone. We just have a different point of view about what social impact is: For us, it directly relates to our own change and creations.

We long for a community that understands our behavior and needs, and nurtures our resilience in creating what we love:

  • A community that understands that we sometimes just need to be alone to create,

  • A community that is there when we need someone to emotionally support us,

  • A community that knows and respects our authenticity,

  • A community that has our same values and vision of the world,

  • A community that shares experiences and provides feedback,

  • A community that empowers us to continue when we fall,

  • A community that guides us when we feel lost,

  • A community that mentors us in what we don't know,

  • A community that supports us with our needs, whatever these are.

No matter where we are, there's the Positive Impact Movement for us to co-create. A movement that understands and respects each of us individually. We are the genuine change makers behind our unique projects!

This is my purpose. This is my vision.


A universal movement that positively impacts the world through authenticity, purpose and co-creation by connecting, inspiring, collaborating and supporting socially-conscious change makers.

With love, Jeannette