Today I've hosted the first video interview


Today I did my first video interview: Andrew Funk, founder of Homeless Entrepreneur has been the “lucky” change maker to be my very first guest!

As such, Andrew also had to experiment my lack of experience, but I think he survived it well. Unlike me, he’s used to be on camera and greatly respond to questions to whoever interviews him!

I am happy that I was able to share some minutes alone with him before the interview. I love the fact that he is a socially-conscious change maker like me and in the few minutes we chatted, I’ve come to see that he has my same vision and experience in regards with accelerators and events created for social enterprises.

This highlights even more the necessity of a community that connects, inspires, supports us, the socially-conscious entrepreneurs. We just share the same passion about what we do. Our projects are part of who we are. We must get a different treatment as the very special breed we are within the entrepreneurship world!

Andrew has refreshed my passion about what I do and about my beliefs. We, socially-conscious change makers, are not alone. We are many who can inspire, collaborate and support each other to continue creating amazing positive impact projects!

I certainly will meet with Andrew in person in the next weeks, I am looking forward to it. I even will do my best in participating in one of the special events Homeless Entrepreneur hosts to raise social awareness about homelessness.

I just want to thank Andrew for this interview and cheer him up to continue with this great project. He has inspired me to resiliently continue with my quest in developing the Positive Impact Movement.


With love, JEM

PD: Interview with Andrew coming up soon at PiMov!