I will do what I am


Lately I've been thinking about my path and what I want in life.

One thing I am sure about is that I want to lead this movement of People-Inspiration.

At  the end, I have not seen it anywhere else, and there's none that looks into what we People are and what we human-beings can do for this world just by being.

To do so, I know I must know the world in a deeper way, I must learn to see it differently.

I want to experience its cultures, beings and energies.

I want to travel and feel the world.

I want to live the cultures, know the people and understand their points of view, interview PiMakers throughout the world, share thought systems and values with the rest, live and love.

Yes, that's what I want in the next future, and that's what I'll do.

My adventure will start end of August this year.

As I've learned, we are very creative beings and by being, we do and have.

So, I believe in what I will do since I will be what I want to be and I will do what I am because I will get what I do.

So be it.