Collaboration: Oneness and Multiplicity


I respect individuality and I believe in oneness. Each human-being is beautifully authentic and powerful through it: our Power of Being - the freedom to be who we are and create what we love - makes us amazingly precious, full of wisdom and light. We just need to break our shell and blossom.I believe in unity and multiplicity. For me this is a tremendously powerful concept that I cannot grasp. Imagine hundreds, thousands and millions of authentically amazingly powerful souls coming together and thrive toward the same goal? It is so intense and magnificent!Even if I cannot grasp this amazing force, I strive towards it. I believe that in this world we need to get together and collaborate for a common goal: Positive Impact Making. I don’t see this as having to renounce to what we are creating individually, on the contrary, I see it as an opportunity to highlight and reinforce the work we do: Multiplicity can only exist if there is oneness. Oneness is essential. Oneness is who we are. Oneness exists only 1 time through our uniqueness. What a beautiful existence!

Through the sum or multiplication of oneness, multiplicity is created. Imagine the amazing power! What an exciting vision!

Let’s come together and inspire and support each other through our Power of Being!

What we create through our hearts serves others, so why not collaborate and reinforce our unique positive impact projects/work?

Let me know what support you need to reinforce your oneness. Let me know what you could offer others to reinforce their oneness. And let me know what you need to join a community of people like you who are authentically powerful with who they are and with what they create.