Be the King or Queen


Life is a playground for us to play and surrender to love and imagination

We fall, but it’s just a small scratch…

We continue running around for another experience,

We are kings and queens in our world,

We create with what we have around,

We are strong and powerful in our beliefs,

We feel energised for who we are and for what we do!

Why not stay connected to this playground throughout our life?

All we are and do can be the same!

We are kings and queens of our life,

We are powerful with who we are,

Our kingdom belongs to us,

We have the potential to do what we love…

Don’t get lost in another world that doesn’t belong to you.

Come and play what is your life,

Enjoy the falls, the experiences, the growth,

Be grateful for what you have,

Be the king or queen of your life,

Only you can reign your world!