My Beliefs

I firmly believe in the Power of Being: This is the freedom to be who we are and to create what we love. #powerofbeing

Through it, we learn to respect and value our authenticity, we create change from within and expand our bright light outwards, positively impacting with passion.

I believe in connecting, uniting and collaborating through our Power of Being. This generates a powerful force of positive impact making through what we do, defined by authenticity, respect and love.

Together we are able to generate the change we want to see in this world. #togetherwearelimitless

Life isn’t easy, but if we have the possibility to be part of a universal movement, then why not participate?!

I consider myself a lucky woman. I have been travelling around for a while, I would say all my life. I guess I have been searching for a place to call home. Now, I not only found my place, but I also found myself, the real “Home”.

I have learned many things throughout my life and I hope it’ll continue like this. I also can now say that I have found a purpose in my life: I want to lead a movement that generates positive impact over the planet. I know I cannot do it alone, and I am sure that individually we do not reach the common good. But we have to start from ourselves and expand our positive impact outwards.

That is why I’ve created the Positive Impact Movement and its community PiMov. All started with YouTooday, a creative Positive Impact Management and Communications agency that I founded to empower and give visibility to those working in social good and social innovation. I’ve come to understand the need we, socially-conscious individuals, have to connect, get inspired and be supported by like-minded others.

I hope one day this movement spreads all over the world, to every corner of our planet, inspiring, connecting and empowering People, creating this amazing positive impact making force, because 

Together we are limitless!

With Love, Jem

Jeannette Meier