YouTooday’s Birth


YouTooday was born a few years ago one Saturday morning. I had been trying to give birth to an idea that could have a positive impact on people and our environment. YouTooday was born directly with its logo, a green plant with 2 leaves of disparate size, which symbolize the growth of a person. This plant represents the “Y” of “You”. We’re all here to grow and we can all contribute something to this world and, above all, to ourselves.

YouTooday means: You Too Today. Which translates to you also today can be part of this world´s positive transformation. You also today can start to grow and evolve together to achieve the change that we all need.

With YouTooday I started working boosting good actions in each one of us. Seeking people´s reaction and generating web information that could be shared to add all the good deeds and generate the social impact needed by all. I also searched how to generate added value, power and movement. Struggled with all my being to move bodies and souls. Found myself alone, swimming against the waves of the sea, trying to move mountains, countries and continents. All in vain. Fell. But I learned. In this life everything can be learned. If I am were I am today, it’s because I have fallen many times. Whenever I fall, I get up even higher. Of everything you learn in this life. And if today I am where I am, it is because I have fallen many times. And whenever I fall, I get up higher. Today I have my gaze up high. I am a fighter, resourceful and capable of working for the world and all those who want to achieve a commitment for the good of all.

It is my life project and is deep rooted in me. I still believe in the strength and positive energy that we have each of us, human beings. I believe in the ability of growth that is in us. I believe in life and what we are and what unites us. I believe in giving, sharing to grow together in an even stronger way.

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