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YouTooday&Me - Values

Honesty, humility, integrity, ethic and respect allow you to be coherent with what you communicate and what you do.

In life we must be honest with oneself and, clearly, with others. Life takes many turns and even if you think that you´re conquering the world, in the end, the world you will eat you out. Honesty is based on truth and on the ability to respect yourself and who you have around. Being honest is a fundamental asset to generate trust and respect. It´s not always easy, we have all found ourselves in embarrassing situations where honesty has been a difficult response to choose, but the only correct answer. People understand you when you are honest, but it´s difficult to forgive and forget when they have been lied or cheated to. Honesty is the basis for a good and lasting relationship.

Honesty is very intertwined with humility. You are who you are and don’t need to feign. As such you are honest with yourself and life. Humility is important to stay strong, to be able to face situations and not to enhance yourself above anyone. To remain flexible in life, to be able to move comfortably and freely without having to examine what others are saying. Humility lowers the ego or rather the pride that harms us so much. It keeps us modest, happy with whom we are and respectful to others and the way everyone is.

Integrity is the way of our truth; it’s respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, ethics, etc. It’s doing the right thing by what we think is right. It is based on our values, what we are and the respect we have for ourselves and for others. Respect must be first of all to you. If you respect yourself, what you are, what you think and what you do, you’re consistent with your actions. In this way, you also know to respect and admire the individuality and authenticity of each individual.

YouTooday integrates these values and communicates through the truth of each of the characters and stories. We believe in the powerful force of people when they work on what they love and when they are who they want to be. They have the power to inspire others expressing their stories in a natural and simple way, showing their passion for life, their enthusiasm, their humanism and positivity.

At YouTooday, we want to communicate in a visual and emotional way what some people, companies and organizations are doing to transform this world. Always presenting the person behind the story. We seek to communicate through images and videos to all Internet users; we don’t want to limit access to this information. We all have the right to know what happens, furthermore to hear from people who are behind all the good actions or causes. For all of us it’s important to know why someone arduously and passionately works for a cause; It´s important to know what moves him and what has led him to do so.

We improve visibility and awareness of Social Good through natural, simple and authentic storytelling. We communicate passion, humanity, inner-beauty and authenticity. Our storytelling is positive, natural, spontaneous and inspirational. We spread out love, light, passion and enthusiasm. The more humane information we can convey, the more positivism and deeds we will succeed in promoting. We are all moved by emotion and we all want to be part of what touches us and positively touches us.

We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate humanity, passion, enthusiasm and inspiration.

We are People, Passion, Presence and Universal Movement.

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