YouTooday is an Universal Movement

YouTooday & Me - Universal Movement

YouTooday is not a political nor a religious movement. It´s a transformation movement that breeds in each one of us. Giving and sharing whom we are to assist and empower others through our own growth. It is a philosophy of life, which once it´s rooted in us, it expands to our family, friends, community, etc. Achieving the transformation of what surrounds us.

Nowadays, media constantly assails us with information which we don´t know whether it´s true or false. We seek truth in various places and find different versions in all of them. We are lost. We don’t know, whether to believe or not. Because, often, we are not capable of distinguishing certainty from fiction. We live in a world full of information. Where we forget to breath, to stop and appreciate the moment. To feel and understand what is really happening to us and where we are. We forget to think and appreciate who we are and what we have. We need to change. We need to give in order to receive. Need to feel that we are alive. Feel that life has given us a great gift. That life is worth enjoying every moment and to remember that truth always is in oneself and in who we are. Not outside of us.

People´s commitment can only be generated if they are happy. If they trust and feel they are part of the exploit. I have learned that teamwork is the most important thing if you want each member of the team to work and get involved in each project. If you take care of each one of them, support them in their development as individuals, communicate with them transparently and if you’re able to generate the spirit of fellowship, each one of them will work with greater strength, gratitude and commitment. This applies in all areas, whether in the workplace or outside of it. For YouTooday, it´s paramount that each of our community members’ feels he´s a partner in the positive impact projects and that they can witness how these evolve. If the person, company or organization feels it has been an actor of a social action, this will positively affect him and will generate a greater commitment to action.

For me, sharing and giving represent one way of being alive. They heighten me as person, not directed towards others, but for me. Which is what´s really important. To walk light footed and proud of what I’ve done. You don’t have to share it with anyone, the best is to be simply happy with what you have created! To think about some occasion where you did something for someone, simple as it was, makes a smile jump in your face. Because you remember what you created and how good it made you feel at that moment. That, is to feel alive!

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