Trust and Let Go


One way or another, life makes you walk on your specific path, if you remain awaken and grateful to what happens in your life.

“Things happen at the right time and in the right place.”

This is a statement that I’ve heard a lot… I’ve managed to respect it and relate to it as “trusting and letting go”.

When you deviate from your path and still think you are on the right track, life sends you a lesson to open up your eyes. To go through this eye opening experience is incredibly painful, but at the same time, very liberating and miraculous for which I am extremely grateful. New doors open up as you realize that you need to deviate and to let go. This only can happen if you trust and remain open to what is around you and what is to come. Those painful situations are just another way to grow and get you back on your track.

Life is wonderful and simple, if we let ourselves flow, trusting who we are and what we want in our life and by letting go of those who shouldn’t continue with us and of the things and plans we thought were part of our path. Doing so, life opens up to new opportunities we never thought could ever happen!

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