True Giving


True Giving is to positively impact the life of someone

The other day I was told we should experiment the true giving in this New Year 2016. I understood what it meant: Give and live the experience of receiving the best gift ever: positively impacting the life of someone.

There’s lots of offering in the charity world and yet, there is so much to be done in this world for it to become sustainable. And why do we always have to think where to contribute?

In my opinion it is because we do not know how our donation is affecting the cause. I am thinking of giving and experimenting: I would love to see by my own eyes how my contribution is generating a positive impact over the cause I am supporting. Wouldn’t you?

I am really sure I will manage to get this experience through any of the charities I am already working with. As a donor, having this possibility reinforces the action of giving. It is crucial that we experience our outcomes and how we impact other lives and our planet.

At the end, we are all one and together in this world.

Happy holidays!

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