This world is governed by Marketing


Every day we encounter issues that are sold to us to make us act in one way or another.

The world is going through turbulent times. We should take care of ourselves.

There are so many things happening around us. There are things we hear and that perhaps are untrue and are just being sensationalized, or perhaps, they are really true, but they are just exaggerated to get people’s attention and action… this world is governed by Marketing.

It seems it is up to how you explain and communicate, regardless of whether the reality is different. People are still innocent and believe what they are being told. People are carried away by words and by passions, by feelings and emotions. The truth stays in the background if the person who talks knows how to communicate. People follow and faithfully believe in the words of the interlocutor. It amazes me, but I understand how someone can fall into this trap. Me too, I fell and keep falling into it unless I open my eyes and believe in myself.

I remember 2001 in New York. I was there on September 11th. I will not talk about that specific day, but about the feeling of total control that I experienced in the winter dates. I was afraid to get into the city by train. I had to do so every day to go to work. The news constantly were threatening about new terrorist attacks. Everybody was scared. They even were talking about an attack at the nuclear station outside New York City.  Such was the media control that I chose not to watch the news anymore while living in New York. You only heard about local news, threads or Irak. There was no other world beyond what they wanted you to see…

No need to go much further. Every day we encounter issues that are sold to us to make us act in one way or another. And news that tell us about someone’s life in a way that generally does not approach the slightest reality of the person’s life.

What can we do? Believe in ourselves. What we are and what we feel. Finally this is the pure reality. There is no other. It is to cherish and respect each other’s lives. You’ll never be in the shoes of the other person: you never will understand their decisions, choices, words, actions, etc. in the way he or she lives. Everyone lives life on his/her terms, beliefs and experiences. Even if you try to project yourself, you will never get to wear their shoes. That’s why it’s so important to have respect and compassion for others. Everyone lives his/her life the way he/she thinks is best. We are no-one to judge or control anyone. And no-one should control our own lives.

Take care and love yourself. Believe in yourself. That’s what will keep you save and happy.

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