Trust and Let Go


One way or another, life makes you walk on your specific path, if you remain awaken and grateful to what happens in your life. “Things happen at the right time and in the right place.” This is a statement that I’ve heard a lot… I’ve managed to respect it and relate to it as “trusting and letting […]


Summertime by JEM

Summer is almost over and soon the routine starts again. I’ve been out there in the jungle of summertime. August in Spain is holiday time. For me, it has been the time to loose myself in the clouds of transformation… I had the need to let go and receive whatever was coming in next. I’ve been […]

Freedom to Be

La Libertad

Sometimes we feel caged and yearn freedom to fully live our life. But we forget that it is us who have imprisoned ourselves and have limited who we are and what we do. We weave situations that complicate our existence. However, the simplicity of who we are remains intact. Our freedom is not lost; We have snatched it ourselves. We usually don’t […]

Find your path and trust

Busca Tu Camino y Confia

I have the great luck to work in something that I am passionate about and that lets me be who I am. I am free to be and flow with what I do. Many times we do not know what we are passionate about. Sometimes we work like robots fulfilling the hours and hoping that the day ends soon […]