Come and sit with me

Let your words come out of your heart Let your soul whisper into your ear Listen to your heart as it opens up Come and sit for you to blossom Feel your gut for what it guides you Manage your feelings to raise your vibrations Discover your heart from your emotions Love what you feel, […]

Whispers in the morning

Whispers in the morning that wake you up. A voice that tells you it is time. Waking up to who you are, Discovering your Power of Being. Reading your heart for what it has to tell you, Hearing your voice without even talking, Writing words that come through your heart, Vibrations on your crown that […]

Beautifully Me

It is beautifully me who connects with you Have you heard the birds singing? Have you felt the light from the sun on your face? Have you felt yourself in fusion with what surrounds you being one and all with everything? It s me, who wants to enter your soul. It is me, who wants […]

Universality and Love

I am here with you, open-hearted Let me come in, For love is the greatest thing you have. Create with love, create with passion, All aligned to what is. I share with you what is, For you to spread the word. Beware of who you come together with, Breath deep and feel your heart, For […]