What makes a person a #PiMaker?

I am currently writing a thesis regarding the research question: What makes a person a Positive Impact Maker?  Throughout the development of my social business YouTooday, I’ve come to meet certain people with certain characteristics. I call these people Positive Impact Makers –abbreviated: #PiMakers. These are people who live with passion because, as I believe, they […]

Why PiMov.org?

PiMov.org is the movement of Positive Impact propelled by YouTooday. I had been trying to give birth to an idea that could have a positive impact on people and our society and environment. I felt the need to create an universal movement to generate this positive change, but did not know where and how to start. One […]

True Giving

True Giving is to positively impact the life of someone The other day I was told we should experiment the true giving in this New Year 2016. I understood what it meant: Give and live the experience of receiving the best gift ever: positively impacting the life of someone. There’s lots of offering in the […]