Your Holiness

Let the dreams vanish, Let your mind be free, Let it wonder through your heart, Let your soul lead the way. Your heart is love, Your heart is light, Your heart is holy. Look inside, find your truth. Look inside, find your greatness. Look inside, find your power, For it all to be expanded to […]

To become One

I feel the expansion within me. I feel the love you are giving me. I feel the oneness with the universe. I feel the light that makes it all happen. Expand beautiful soul to your outer world. Expand your being to what you came to do. Look inside and find your truth. Feel your gut […]

A new beginning

I’ve felt like getting go, I’ve felt the need to mark an end. I am not sure what’s ending, but I know something is starting. An end that is marking a new beginning. I am here at this point in time. Feeling hermit and needing to rebirth a new beginning. But what is rebirthing? I […]

Word and Light

Powerful teachings opening my vision No casualties in life with no creation Creation through Word and Light Word is Love, Love is All Light is you, you are Light Divine creation of Being Magic and powerful being Existence through inner wisdom You and me, no one else Inside and not outside Thoughts and Feelings by […]