Feelings are a powerful connection to what we are. Feelings are translations of what we think. Feelings are our alarm system. They make us realise what we think. Feelings can be changed, if we change our thoughts. Stay alert. Observe and feel. You’re getting lots of information about your thought system from the feelings. You […]

Living by the day

I am learning to live by the day…. I observe and see how all evolves. Slowly, but surely, all is being organised. Some order is being created in my life. I feel all is going where it has to go. I keep my eyes open and my feelings are flourishing out of me. I laugh […]

I Love you

We are all One. What I do, affects you. I am sorry if I did not see this before and just lived my life without care. I now know how I affect you. The same way you affect me. I want to honour you. I want to understand you, even if I know I will […]

Points of view

I’m getting out of 4 weeks of intense flu. Contrary to what I would expect, I am grateful for these weeks, although they have been intense and exhausting. I’ve been sick without voice and not being able to listen well, but it has given me the opportunity to grow and learn, to feel myself trying to find my center and my […]