Points of view

Points of view

I’m getting out of 4 weeks of intense flu. Contrary to what I would expect, I am grateful for these weeks, although they have been intense and exhausting. I’ve been sick without voice and not being able to listen well, but it has given me the opportunity to grow and learn, to feel myself trying to find my center and my space.

After all, I spent four weeks absorbed in my inner world, unable to communicate or listen well, with this sound in the ear that has served me (and serves) as an isolator of the voices of the outside world. I’ve gone through the desperation of wanting to speak at crucial moments, not being able to say a single tone and having to let things flow how they should flow without my intervention.

All this has led me to observe and feel more deeply the world, the people, their ways of expressing themselves, not only through their voice, but through their tones and attitudes. I have observed more acutely how I interact with this world, through my space, my thoughts, my feelings and my attitudes. I have seen clearly that our attitudes depend on the point of view with which we look at a given situation, and that our feelings and emotions depend on our attitudes. Today we can be here, and tomorrow we can be on the other side, in the same place where today we are judging, or annoyed by what someone else may be doing. We have to learn to see things from different angles, to be able to place ourselves in the place of other people at a given moment, and to know that we could be the ones who are in that specific place.

I always say that the world takes many turns and that you will never know the other person because you are not in their shoes; You do not know their situation, their life, their experiences, their thoughts and feelings. What we can do is to know ourselves, live our life and our moments with intensity, being and enjoying who we are and respecting others, seeking to understand and accept who they are. Because, after all, we are all in the same world, and it is up to us and our attitude what we do for our life and our planet.

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