New chapter in my Life

Dear all,

I have started a new chapter in my life and am officially working for YouTooday full-time.

As many of you know, Birchman has been my family and home for 11.5 years. While it has been emotional to leave the company, my friends and colleagues, I’m beyond excited to oversee YouTooday as it becomes a global leader in Social Good enterprise.

YouTooday is our personal challenge: it’s our contribution to changing the world. We improve Positive Impact through visibility and awareness of Social Good.

YouTooday: New Chapter in my life

We bring awareness and the solid support of public opinion towards Causes and Social Innovation through relevant, positive, heartwarming and inspirational stories, videos and images.

We help charities, companies and individuals share their beliefs and actions by telling their stories.

We connect them with likeminded others that want to get inspired, get involved and become part of these stories.

We respond to today’s need to have high-quality profiles and intimate perspectives that engage us directly in what the world’s most innovative People, Charities and Companies are doing.

Please join us in our new venture!

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  1. Jeannette, antes que nada un gran abrazo.
    Una vez leí algo así:
    “Lo importante es hacer lo que te gusta y no que te guste lo que haces”.
    Me complace mucho ver que has logrado dar un paso gigantesco y significativo en tu al lograr una meta tan importante, puede que el camino no sea fácil, pero cuando la pasión por hacer lo que te gusta es tu motivador, entonces, no habrá obstáculos que te detenga. Te auguro muchos éxitos y bendiciones.
    Julio Cesar Bastidas.

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