Looking back…

A couple of years ago, I took some months off to work on my social business,
I’d imagined that taking this time off would be enough to develop it into a successful business.
But I was wrong…

I remember being very upset, I felt I had failed.
I went to work day after day, depleted by my own thoughts and attitude,
Until one day I understood that there’s no failure, there’s only opportunity to continue growing,
I changed my behavior and started opening up to my new experience.
Work started being positive, because I had decided it to be.

I understood the importance of staying consciously aware about my thoughts.
I understood how I prisoned myself and defined my future through my attitude.
I learned about patience and trust.
I learned that everything comes when it has to come, not before and not afterwards.
I learned to wait and not to rush.

I appreciate the process I’ve been through and the teachings I came to receive through it.
Looking back, I know that all belongs to the process for me to evolve,
And to create what has to be created through my evolution into becoming who I am meant to become.

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